Hello world. You just landed on STVNSTRM.COM — a small particle of the world wide web created by Steven Lang, student in Visual Art and Graphic Design, based in brussels. I could say that this website is under construction, but the thing is that everything is always growing and nothing is ever truely finished. So consider it as my online research place where i will publish some of my works, parts of my researches, and other stufF. SO HERE IS HOW TO PROCEED FOR NOW, JUST CLICK ON THE WORKS YOU'D LIKE TO SEE SOMETHING ABOUT. IF YOU JUST READ THIS FULL TEXT, YOU'RE SUPER DUPER COOOL BUT IT'S JUST A WAY TO STRUCTURE THE LINKS OF MY CONTENTS IN THE BACKGROUND. SO THE MAIN STUFF TO SEE IN HERE ARE IN THE LINKS BETWEEN THE WORDS. YOU MIGHT HAVE UN-ZOOMED THAT PAGE TO READ THIS OR DID A COPY PASTE AFTER SELECTING THAT HOLE PARAGRAPH THAT I MIGHT ADMIT IS OBVIOUSLY A PIECE OF CRAP. OH, IN FACT I CHANGED MY MIND AND I DONT REALLY FEEL LIKE PUTING SOME LINKS INSIDE OF THIS TEXT, LET'S PUT A WHITE BOX WITH AN I-FRAME JUST TO BEGIN, YEAH.